Chairman Pro-Tem:​​ Willie D. Greene
Vice Chairman:​​ Kevin Edwards
Treasurer:​​​ Ronald Goodson
Secretary:​​​ Howard O’Dell
Security Officer:​​ Craig Scott  

Mission Statement:  
“Trustees are elected Officers of the Church and serve as its Property Managers.”   


  • To manage all the temporal concerns of the church not otherwise provided for and shall have a treasurer elected by the Board.
  • Shall guard, for the connection, all real estate, churches, parsonages, schools, and any other property obtained by the local church.
  • Shall make improvements upon the property or real estate when authorized to do so by a majority of the legal members of the church.
  • Shall secure, by purchase or hire, a house for the Pastor’s family and also comfortably furnish it.
  • Shall pay moving expenses of the Pastor and family from their previous assignment.