Music Ministry

The Antioch AME Church Music Ministry


Our Ministry is a biblically-based ministry whose primary mission is to magnify and glorify Jesus Christ.  This ministry exists to passionately and creatively lead theBody of Christ in an authentic "Spirit and in Truth" worship experience in an excellent way. 
(John 4:23-24),

Our mission as the music ministry is to lead others to the unashamed, non-withholding worship of God as we strive to reach the objective of the church's overall mission and vision through 

  • the singing of songs, hymns, and spiritual songs Ephesians 5:19-20
  • traditional, contemporary, and urban worship/gospel/anthems 
  • through liturgical dance, mime, and to also lead the congregation in a way that they will experience God on a more personal level  

We are sensitive to the liturgical calendar and follow the protocol of the AME discipline.  

Humbly Submitted for your review,
Cord Franklin Jr.,
Director of Worship and Arts